Latvian Interpreting Service London

Latvian Interpreters

Absolute Interpreting and Translations is the UK?s leading supplier of highly qualified Latvian interpreters and translators worldwide. Our Latvian interpreting and translation services are regularly used by our contracted and ad hoc clients ranging from Legal Services, Corporate and Public Services.

Approved Latvian Interpreters UK

Our global network of qualified and professional Latvian consecutive and simultaneous Interpreters in the UK and Europe are all fully vetted and thoroughly selected and employed to guarantee complete Customer Satisfaction.

It is the qualification and precious expertise of our Interpreters that enable us to offer the highest level of professional services to our national and international clients in all of the following areas

Interpreters for Legal Services

  • Personal Injury Claim Interpreting Service
  • Medical Insurance Claim Interviews
  • Car Accident Investigation
  • Criminal Law Courts Interpreters
  • Court Approved Immigration Law Interpreters
  • RPSI and DPSI Family Law Interpreters
  • Employment Law Interpreters

Corporate and Business Approved Interpreters

  • Interpreters for Financial and Economical Matters
  • Interpreting for Automotive Industry
  • Expert Interpreters Sports Related Activities
  • Medical Sciences Research
  • Journalism and Media Interpreters and Voiceovers etc.

Public Sector Service Interpreters

  • National Health Service
  • Hospitals, Medical Centres, GPS etc
  • Defence and Political Conference
  • Social and Domestic Affairs
  • Interpreting for Environmental Issues
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